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we manage, we network, we listen share and love music; mainly house music.


"with being a construction engineer at my core, i tend to plan and programme and get lost in every single detail with that natural and irresistible urge in me. i am very social, very petite, very open to anything new; also do communicate with most people quite easily and always stand by anything i strongly believe in. oh, and i live in turkey/france; speak both languages + english. in here, we work as a team, but the team is pretty small. so hello from me, as the music-freak main-agent-to-be and hello from my dearest cousin, gamze, as the media-slave every-other-detail-handler. just get in contact, and ask anything you want to know about our projects, upcoming gigs and potential partnerships.

you are more than welcome."


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You may also reach us anytime through; hello(at)melisunuvar.com.

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